LEGO Star Wars 2013: A sneak preview

It’ s only September, and yet we already we have the details of the LEGO Star Wars sets for 2013!

LEGO looks like it’s continuing with the 5-digit numbering for all of its sets; and with the ‘mixed’ battle packs, as opposed to having four of the same minifigures of the same alliance.

Please note that all the prices below are rough estimates and in Australian dollars  (for Euros, please see here).

LEGO Star Wars Sets 2013

75000Republic Troopers vs. Sith Troopers Battle Pack2 x Republic Troopers
2 x Sith Troopers
75001Clone Troopers vs. Droidekas Battle Pack2 x Clone Troopers
2 x Droidekas
Clone Trooper 501st
Commando Droid
Sniper Droideka
75003A-Wing StarfighterAdmiral Ackbar
Han Solo
A-Wing Pilot
75004Z-95 HeadhunterPong Krell
Clone Pilot
501st Clone Trooper
75005Rancor PitLuke Skywalker
Gamorrean Guard
75012BARC SpeederObi Wan Kenobi
Captain Rex
2x Commando Droid
75013Umbaran MHC (Mobile Heavy Cannon)Ahsoka Tano
Clone Trooper 212th
2x Umbaran Soldiers
Planet Series 3$15.99
75006Kamino & Jedi StarfigherR4-P17 Astromech Droid
75007Coruscant & Republic Assault StrikerRepublic Trooper Pilot
75008Asteroid Field & Tie Bomber Tie Pilot
Planet Series 4$15.99
75009Hoth & SnowspeederSnowspeeder Pilot
75010Endor & B-Wing B-Wing Pilot
75011Aldeeran & Tantive IVRebel Trooper

Hopefully we’ll have the pictures soon!

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