LEGO Minifigures Series 15 List Revealed

Recently, a listing for series 15 of the LEGO Minifigures line was posted on before removed quickly. Fortunately, Hoth Bricks managed to report on the list. I happen know some French, so I have been able to translate the list:

  1. Queen
  2. Head of Animal Control
  3. Jewel Thief
  4. Tribal Woman
  5. (Female) Dancer
  6. Flying Warrior
  7. Faun (from Roman mythology)
  8. Frightening/Fearsome Knight
  9. Wrestling Champion
  10. Shark Costume Guy
  11. Clumsy Man
  12. Kendo Fighter
  13. Astronaut
  14. Laser Robot
  15. Concierge (hotel manager)
  16. Farmer

Additionally, a member of the Eurobricks forum posted a page of the LEGO Club Magazine which shows drawings of the Shark Costume Guy, the Queen and the Clumsy Man:


This series sounds quite interesting. I’m especially looking forward to the Queen as a companion to the Series 13 Classic King. As you can see in the image, she looks to have a new dress piece, which can also be seen on Macy in one of new Nexo Knights videos. I hope this piece has the proper leg connection pins instead of basic studs, as one of my main gripes with using a slope as a dress piece is that it falls off much too easily.


The Shark Custume Guy looks to be similar to the Series 9 Chicken Suit Guy, with fins instead of hands, and with a head piece that continues down his back. The Clumsy Man looks to have dual-moulded arms, a leg in a cast, either through dual-moulding or simply printing, and perhaps even crutch accessories.

The Faun and Frightening Knight also sound pretty nice to me, because I’m a sucker for historic/castle/fantasy-based minifigures. What are you most looking forward to from the list?

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