RoboCupJunior Hobart Regional 2012

Yesterday was the RoboCupJunior Hobart Regional 2012 held at New Town High School in Tasmania, Australia. I was very fortunate to I win the Rescue division.

There was five rounds plus a semi-finals between 3rd and 4th and a finals between 1st and 2nd.

Round 1

This round was my worst round for the day. The course was composed of quite a few turn tiles without shortcuts, a ramp tile and of course the chemical spill tile complete with a can-victim.

My robot completed the course fine. When it got to the water tower tile the scan missed the can and the robot drove straight off the board. Back to the start, another faultless run through the course but this time at the can challenge tile the robot saw someone’s foot and thought it was a can. Back to the start again, but by then the timer had gone off. Fortunately the scores from this round were dropped at the end because it was my worst round. At the end of this round I was placed 4th.


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